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A Clinical Hypnotherapist

for Adults, Children & Teens

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Entrust your mental and physical well-being to Loretta Holt, a clinical hypnotherapist servicing Auburn, Auburn, California and more. Loretta Holt Hypnotherapy has been helping adults, children, and teens change their behavior for positive life outcomes since 2003. Loretta excels at designing a program that will allow you to modify your behavior, allowing you to stop smoking, reduce stress, and enjoy other positive life changes.
For all your hypnotherapy needs,such as stress, anxiety, weight loss, fears and phobias,  addictions, contact Loretta Holt, clinical hypnotherapist in Auburn, CA.

She's helped hundreds of people find the root of their mental and physical anguish to better solve the problem and live the life they've always wanted. Contact Loretta to feel at ease and comfortable with her as your clinical hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy Helps with Many Areas

Weight Loss
Post-Traumatic Stress
Pain Management
Past Life Regression
Lap Band Hypnotherapy
The Om Sign - Clinical Hypnotherapist in Roseville, CA

Hypnotherapy's Superiority in a Comparison Study by American Health Magazine
• Psycho Analysis—38% Recover after 600 Sessions
• Behavioral Therapy—72% Recover after 22 Sessions
Hypnotherapy—93% Recover after 10 Sessions

A Word from Loretta
Hello and Welcome.   My name is Loretta.  I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist.   I specialize in Clinical, Medical and Pediatric Hypnotherapy.  I have worked with all ages.  I offer a safe, comfortable  and confidential environment.   My greatest gift is to sit with someone and watch the changes happen for them and most times very quickly.  Most especially when they think they just have to live like this.  This work is truly my passion. I help people make behavior changes enhancing their life.  Do you ever feel like you have tried everything and nothing works or it is not a permanent fix?  The doubts, fears, anxiety, stress, worries, panic attacks, weight, habits, or old behaviors return. Do you ever feel you are not enough or as good as you should or want to be? If so perhaps we should chat. 

For all your hypnotherapy needs,such as hypnosis, addiction therapy, smoking cessation, insomnia, PTSD, students, contact Loretta Holt, clinical hypnotherapist in Auburn, CA.

Call Loretta today at (888) 897-4682 to schedule your free 1/2 hour consultation and find out if hypnotherapy is for you! She is a clinical hypnotherapist
who cares about helping you accomplish your goals in life.

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